As we have already mentioned, the relations with our clients do not finish with purchasing some paulownia. Velboy Ltd. provides support on every stage of planting this wonderful tree. However, it is possible to some of you to want to deal with it without our interference; but as our purpose is our clients to achieve the best results possible, it is pleasure to as to share some of our knowledge about the necessary conditions for growing paulownia and our experience in planting it, described in several easy steps:

The basic requirements before planting paulownia are described in details in "Building plantations", but in brief they are:

- permeable soil

- neutral or alkaline soil - рН above 5,5

- groundwater at level not higher than 1,5 m

Planting. After the fall of leaves is the time the planting of the young trees to begin. It is usually in November. In fact, it can be done throughout the winter if the ground is not frozen and there is neither snow nor mud. If the saplings are storaged in a cool and dark place, they can be planted to the end of May.

1. Dig a hole 60 cm in diameter and 60 – 80 cm in depth. Keep this size in order to provide unhindered growth of the young paulownia.

Planting of paulownia – digging the hole Planting of paulownia – digging the hole

2. Put 8-10 kg (this is about 3 spades) of putrid manure or about 200 g superphosphate (Р2О5) mixed with 100 g manure Nitrogen:Phosphorus:Potassium - (N:P:K) 15:15:15. Return share of the soil back in the hole till its depth is 30-40 cm and stir to mix with the fertilizer. This is the way to provide soft and nutritional bed to ease the young roots' development. If you wish you may use Terawet. Terawetis a hydroabsorber which absorbs water in abundance of it, increasing its volume at most. During the drought it is letting the moisture that has been detained. The need of water decreases to 50% this way. It is sold in different packs. When dry it looks like sea salt. Paulownia needs 15 g per tree. You may also find it as tablets with pressing hummus. Put 3 tablets per tree. If you use tablets the need of composting decreases twice. We are distributor of the company importing Terawet in Bulgaria. If interested, you may contact us.

Засаждане на Паyловния - добавяне на тор Засаждане на Паyловния - добавяне на Terawet

3. Поставете корена в дупката. Отрязаната част на стъблото трябва да е на нивото на терена или 2-3 см над него. Зарийте с останалата пръст.

Planting of paulownia – placing the sapling Planting of paulownia – placing the seedling

4. Полейте с около 10 л вода. Ако засаждате Паyловния през есента, поливката не е задължителна. Това ще свършат предстоящите през зимата и пролетта дъждове и снегове.

Planting of paulownia - irrigation Planting of paulownia - irrigation

*The corrugated pipe, covered with cup is to bring moisture to the initial depth of the hole. We start using it in the second year by connecting the nozzle of the drip irrigation pipe to a slim hose. This how we irrigate in depth and stimulate the development of the roots downwards. That makes paulownia independent on irrigations in earlier stage of its growth. The cup itself prevents the pipe from obstruction until it is used as intended.

Even you have missed to plant saplings, you may do so during all the year with those, grown in pots. Pull the young tree from the pot with the soil not harming the young roots, put it in previously prepared hole and bury it.

Why is it necessary the new-planted paulownia saplings to be clipped to the level of the terrain?

This is sine qua non in using paulownia for industrial production of wood because:

1.We conducted an experiment in which we planted both clipped and not clipped saplings. The young paulownia begin to grow from the point of the clip and if the stem was left high, distorsions and nodules appeared and damaged the quality of the wood afterwards. Besides this type of planting gives better growth rates and practically they anticipate their high planted peers!

Paulownia, planted without clipping to the ground level - result: distorsion at about 1,5 m. That distorsion shall correct over the years but there will always be a nodule there.

Planting of paulownia - incorrect! Planting of paulownia - incorrect!

Correct planting of paulownia- the nodule which is formed is near the ground and it is progressively filling without damaging the quality of the wood. In that case the first camber shall be between the first and the second year growth, at height of about 3-4 m:

Planting of paulownia - correct! Planting of paulownia- correct!

2. We offer the saplings clipped and prepared directly for planting. Thus you do not pay for needless transport of splints which are useless and are normally removed, and as we wrote before when moving paulownia to a new place it is required to clipа. And it also eliminate the risk for the client to tempt not to clip in spring (as it was common before) and respectively to be unsatisfied by the increase.
We seal the clip point with wax to prevent the moisture evaporation from the stalk. That is the way to increase the period of storage without soil.This is particularly important in the transport of trees of long distance.

Paulownia saplings ready to plant